The United Corporation Authority (UCA): The UCA was originally formed by the three dominant mega-corporations (Andra Biomechanics, Armacham Technology Corporation, and Shogo Industries). Originally intended as a joint venture that would ensure the continued profitability of the three organizations that found it, the UCA is now independent and the dominant military power in Cronus.
They have recently begun a campaign to re-take the two major cities of Cronus lost to the CMC. Currently, the United Corporation Authority Security Forces (UCASF) is under the direct command of Admiral Nathaniel Akkaraju who leads this operation from the bridge of the UCASF Flagship Leviathan.

Shogo Industries: A Japanese conglomerate Shogo has interests ranging from technology to publishing to the manufacture of children’s clothing. With the advent of MEV’s and MCAa, Shogo decided to offer their own highly advanced line of giant mechanized suits. Their designs were well received both for functionality and aesthetics. They also distinguished themselves for space-based product lines and microcomputer technology. The current leader of the mega corporation is has for sometime become merely a figure head. The heir Ryo Ishikawa has begun to set in motion his plan and agenda for the business empire’s future while his father the current president health fails.
Shogo leads the other mega corporations in portable electronics and computers as well as the civilian vehicles. They have also set in place a global positioning satellite system (piggybacking mostly off of Armacham network) with their protected computer uplink system. They have also begun work in full scale cyborg technology for yet unknown aims. After the revolution and retreat to space most of Shogo’s operations have moved to the largest space ship in the Cronus Solar System: The Monolith. The Monolith was the primary ship used to colonize the system and have under gone several retrofits and upgrades by Shogo keeping the it on the cutting edge of technology and maintaining the vessel in which all colonists could escape if there was ever a need to exodus the system. It is used as the manufacturing powerhouse of the UCA while exiled to high orbit above Cronus.

Andra Biomechanics: Andra Biomechanics, founded in Moscow in the early 21st century by Natalya Andropov, a renowned researcher on the Human Genome Project, grew to specialize in a variety of genetic engineering, cybernetic, and mechanical engineering interests. Their products included medical bioengineering technologies, cybernetically assisted prosthetics, and even anthropomorphic mobile engineering vehicles (MEVs) used in construction, mining (terrestrial and otherwise), and demolition. They also did early research and development of mobile combat armor (MCAs) and armaments

Armacham Technology Corporation: Started with the manufacture of commercial satellites and ground-based communication systems. Eventually, they would expand to encompass civilian and military vehicle manufacture, musical equipment, security systems, and, predictably enough, MEV and MCA technologies. Their MCAs (they discontinued their MEV lines after some early experiments) immediately caught the attention of the private sector and various military organizations alike. Sleeker and sexier than the offerings of their competitors, Armacham’s MCAs were and still are considered the most striking MCAs available. Of course, form without function is useless, and Armacham delivers there as well. While not as rugged as Andra MCAs or as sophisticated as Shogo MCAs, Armacham’s designs are reliable and hardy.

The Cronian Mining Consortium (CMC): The governing body on Cronus. The CMC has long been eager for autonomy from the UCA and the various corporate interests. The importance of Kato energy has given their organization a powerful bargaining chip in the face of their small, inexperienced, but growing, military power. They are still suffering the effect of the Fallen fragmentation of more than a third of their followers. The CMC is determined to hold Cronus from both the UCA and the Fallen. They have begun to activate many of the factory’s and even with the key assassinations of top officials they have begun to put into a place infrastructure and a steadfast military strategy.
Currently their President is Andrea Bankcroft. She served on the previous president Pulver’s cabinet as his treasurer and head writer CMC constitution. After his assassination, she took the leadership by smart moves the most prominent was appointed commander of the armed forces General Alexi Timiskov. President Bankcroft has proven far more crafty than the previously CMC leaders and has not only have avoided assassination by a series protective measures and political aides, but she has also managed to set up a working government.
The Cronian Mining Consortium Armed Forces (CMCAF) is still largely a slightly better organized militia. The CMC has relied on the use of mercenaries for their elite soldiers and under General Timiskov, this use of soldiers for hire has only increased, The third of the CMCAF that left to join the fallen were all long time miners and Timiskov appears to no longer trust them as the backbone of this force. The UCASF has also begun to receive reports that the CMCAF is abducting rookie pilots and officers to join the CMCAF. It is believed they use powerful mind control drugs and brain washing techniques to do so thought this may be propaganda on the UCASF’s part.

The Fallen: At first, the Fallen thought to be a radical terrorist group with the intention to undermine the cease fire between the UCA and CMC. They were successful with several attacks which delayed treaty talks and even renewed the war after a third of the CMC soldiers joined their ranks. The Fallen are now classified as a militant cult. They are attempting to remove all humans from Cronus (which they call Coth) and cease the mining of Kato. Both the UCA and CMC are determined to stop the Fallen however, distrust between the two organization caused by Fallen will not form an alliance. They are headquartered at a remote but well defended Geological Station. Most followers of the Fallen have been over exposed to Kato making them faster and stronger than normal with fanatically commitment to the movement. The facility itself has some manufacturing capability and the Fallen have recently been employing new bizarre weapons on the battlefield. Before this time, and comprises the bulk of the force, are scavenged and pirated military equipment that have been severely altered and modified just to keep working.
It has discovered through the lives of many diplomats and troops that the Fallen cannot be reasoned with. They are completely determined to destroy all human presence on Cronus. Any Fallen encountered have never shown regard for their own life and have done whatever it takes to achieve their mission and goals. Both the UCA and the CMC believe that it is only the fact that they are loosely organized that they have not accomplished more. Both groups who however, love to determine what is happening at Lota-33.

The Yakuza: While they have been present nearly as long as Cronus has had cities, they were always considered only a problem to the local police and prefects. However, with the war drawing much of the resources and law away they have grown in power only checked by their rivals in the Russian Mafia. This criminal syndicate holds the power in Maritropa and his currently led by a man calling himself The Three Demon Wind. He is reported to be a talented ex-MCA pilot trained by the UCASF best. This organization still has ties back on Earth where they were started as a means to ensure the crime lords could keep an eye on the Megacorporation executives they had bought lived up to their end of the deals they made.

The Russian Mafia: This criminal syndicate started simply enough as a small time gang with small time dreams. As they became more successful they became a finical drain on the other large criminal syndicates of the Yakuza. Trying to squash the gang only made the Mafia more powerful in attempt to survive. Now with the war, this group stands on level terms with their criminal rivals.

Lesser Gangs: Cronus has a number of lesser gangs. Many of these gangs are formed as a way to protect each other or their communities, but most still use strength in numbers to bully and take what they want with little danger of interference. Some gangs are aligned based on vehicles such as biker or car gangs. These groups share a common garage area and mechanical pool in which they challenge other gangs for turf or prestige.


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