New Hindrances and Edges

New Hindrances:

Angsty (Minor)
Your character hates war and never really wanted to join despite their naturally affinity for it. Perhaps they loss someone very important to them, or they never got along with the father who just so happened to designed one of the most advanced MCAs ever seen. The character often finds themselves suffering a personal crisis just before important battles or become irrational in the midst of a fight.

Blackmailed (Major)
Your character is being blackmailed by another person or organization. As long as the hero plays ball with them the secret is safe, but he doesn’t, the secret is out. The payment of this blackmail isn’t always money, sometimes it is favors or worst. This hindrance is a combination of Dark Secret and Enemy. The points indicate both the level of the secret and power that the enemy holds over your character. Sometimes a minor secret is held by a powerful organization capable spreading it far and wide. Conversely, a big secret could know by a small time hood.

Branded (Minor)
Your character has done something so awful that causes most people to hate him. Perhaps the character is blamed for getting his entire team killed, betrayed an entire town, or was found to be bloodthirsty. The character suffers a -4 to Charisma to that group.

Dark Secret (Minor)
Your character has a secret that is discovered could be quite embarrassing to extremely deadly to the hero if it is found out. You will have to work it out the details about the Dark Secret with the Game Master.

Deserter/Traitor (Major/Minor)
This is a specific version of the Wanted Hindrance. Your character left either the UCA or CMC and is now hiding from the retribution of your past. If you are ever found out you suffer a -2 penalty to your Charisma checks (-4 to the group you deserted/betrayed). If that was bad enough, there’s probably a bounty on your head after you left and, the group you left/betrayed would like to get there hands on you. As a minor the group doesn’t have much resources to find and catch your character or you weren’t that important. As a Major your character has bounty hunters after him/her often wanted dead or alive.

Girl/Guy Magnet (Minor)
Your character attracts the opposite sex for some reason perhaps not even known by the character themselves. Perhaps obsessed people are drawn to him/her. He or She often find themselves in a love triangle or worst and continually find themselves attempting to keep the peace and can’t quite seem to consummate any of the relationships because of the fighting or indecision of the magnet.

Gullible (Minor)
Your character is easily tricked by others. They have a hard time telling the difference from truth and fiction. Your character suffers a -2 check Smarts based tricks and to Notice to determine if someone is lying.

Owned by a Megacorp (Major)
Your character is literally the property of one of the megacorporations on Chronus. Perhaps they sold themselves into indentured servitude to get the trip out to Chronus, or this is their criminal sentence. The character is required to serve the corporation’s interests over any and all others. To take this Hindrance, select one of the major megacorporations: Andra, Armacham, Shogo. If the character is a cybergirl, she automatically has this Hindrance built-in to the Edge.

Significant Other (Minor/Major)
This may be his wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend, one of his children, or even a pet or subordinate.
The Significant Other is a Novice rank Extra as Major Hindrance, and while scrappy in her own right, just isn’t up to par with Wild Cards. For whatever reason, this doesn’t stop the Significant Other from getting involved—frequently and often. He/she constantly requires saving, reveals team secrets, or otherwise causes your character no end of grief. Of course, every now and then, the friend might just save the character’s life as well, but such instances are few and far between. As a Minor Hindrance, the character may be a wildcard, but they require a great deal of the character’s time and often make trouble for their life.
If the Significant Other ever dies, your character is heartbroken and grief-stricken for the rest of the campaign (unless bought off). He only receives one Benny at the start of each session (but Luck and other bonuses apply normally). Relief comes only after ultimate revenge. He cannot simply slay the minion who murdered his girl, he must kill the minion’s boss as well and only after making them pay. Only then is the Benny restriction lifted and Hindrance “bought off.”

Short Tempered (Minor)
Your character has a short temper that gets her in trouble most of the time. She explodes at some of the slightest things. If that wasn’t bad enough your character suffers a -2 to resist test of wills checks from the Taunt skill.

Xenophobic (Minor)
The character dislikes people he doesn’t know. He attempts to have nothing to do with outsiders and strangers suffering a -4 Charisma when dealing with them.

New Edges:

Accurate Attack
Requirements: Heroic, Fighting, Throwing, or Shooting d10+
When making a Called Shot or your target has Cover, you ignore 2 points of penalties. This Edge either applies to Fighting, Throwing, or Shooting attacks, but may be taken up to three times, applying to each kind of attack separately.

Arcane Background: AMBED Soldier
Requirements: Character Creation
Your character has undergone the process to create elite super solider by the AMBED or Advanced Mechanical Biological Engineering Division of the Fallen. The process is basically a control over-exposure of Kato to mutate the human body making it strong, faster, and better suited for war. See AMBED Soldier for more details.

Arcane Background: Cybergirl
Requirements: Character Creation, Female
Your character is cybernetically enhanced human. Due to the intense medical process the body must endure only XX chromosomes can under take the process. That’s right so far all cybergirls are females. While any person can handle a few cybernetics, Cybergirls are nearly completely synthetic. Only the Shogo Corporation has the technology to create Cybergirls it is believed that no more than handful of them have been created due to the extreme cost to implant all the cybernetics. If this kind of character interests you see Cybergirl for more information.

Arcane Background: Inventor
Requirements: Character Creation
Your character is on the bleeding edge of technology. He/she work to invent new prototype equipment including weapons and armor. If inventing some of your character’s own gear interested you see Inventor for more information.

Arcane Background: Psionic
Requirements: Character Creation, Psionics d4+
Your character has incredible mental powers. They can lift objects only with their mid and even read the surface thoughts of others. If have amazing mental powers is something that interests you see Psionic for more information.

Corporate Executive
Requirements: Character Creation
Corporate Executives has high status on Cronus and are entitled to special treatment from even their competitors gaining a +2 Charisma. They also have the Rich Edge. This Edges gives the character several Edges for the price of one, but responsibilities more than offset the additional perks. Executives will often have employees and sometimes even bodyguards or soldiers under their control, as well as nice offices, labs, and apartment suites. However, they are expected to put their company first and accomplish the tasks put in front of them by their Mega-corporation superiors. The Main companies are: Andra Biomechanical, Armacham technology Corporation, and Shogo Industries.

Requirements: Character Creation
The character has undergone surgery to have synthetic cybernetic augmentations. The character has a nannocomputer and two NI jacks. If the character takes this Edge at character generation, they also may spend up to 40,000 Credits in cybernetics. These Credits cannot be saved, and must be spent or loss once the game is stopped.

Requirements: Novice, Fighting d6
You are more skilled at getting a hold on your opponent and keeping it. You gain a +1 bonus to Fighting when making a Grappling attack and to the Strength or Agility roll to maintain the hold.

Bear Hug
Requirements: Seasoned, Grappler
Once you have an opponent, you know how best to apply pressure. If you succeed at the opposed roll to do damage, you do Str+d6 damage.

Mecha Ace
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8, MCA Piloting d8
MCA Aces add +2 to all MCA Piloting rolls. In addition, when they spend bBennies to make soak rolls for their MCA, they receive a +2 (this does not stack with any other Edge). Note: the Ace Edge does not interact with MCA piloting. It only applies to: Boating, Driving, and Piloting rolls.

Requirements: None
The character has joined a one of the major military factions on Cronus (CMC, Fallen, UCA). In a MCA pilot game, this Edge is free as all the pilots will be part of one of the factions. As a member of one of the military the character has access to various weapons, armor, and vehicles depending on their mission. They are also give quarters and salary according to their rank. In all fighting forces enlisted members can be MCA pilot.

Superior Defense
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d8
You have learned some special techniques when focused purely on defense. When you use the Full Defense maneuver, you gain a +2 bonus to your Fighting roll.

Trademark Vehicle
Requirements: Novice, Boating, Driving, Piloting, or MCA Piloting d10
The hero knows his/her one vehicle like the back of their hand. Maybe they built the darn thing from the ground up or spend every hour behind the controls, he adds a +1 to his Boating, Driving, Piloting, or MCA Piloting rolls when operating this vehicle. A hero may take this Edge multiple times applying to bonus to a different vehicle each time. If the Trademark Vehicle is lost or destroyed, the hero can replace it, but the Edge doesn’t kick in for two game weeks.

New Hindrances and Edges

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