A nearly dead solar system approximately 46 light years from Earth is the largest know producer of Kato. While the system normal would be over looked as to only contain sufficient resources to colonize, this system is vitally important for galactic travel.

The planet of Cronus (technically XXXXXXXXX) is a largely lifeless world of XXXXX

Cronus has only three major cities each built inside a protective dome separating the city from the harsh atmosphere outside or deep underground. The largest of the cities is Avernus which even during the war has managed to not be affected much. The next largest city is Martropa which often serves as a battleground for UCA and CMC scrimmages. The last major city is Constantine. This city has seen the worst of the war and was nearly destroyed about a decade ago.


Shogo Industries Cronus Headquarters
They are most powerful and aggressive Mega-Corporation within the UCA.

Andra Biomechanical Cronus Headquarters

Armacham Technologies Cronus Headquarters

Madison Tunnel:

Oshii Research Station:

Central Avernus History of Warfare Museum:

Pumping Station:


Canopy Section: This is a series of building suspended from the ceiling of the huge caverns that make up Maritropa. This section of the city was created by the wealthy citizens of Cronus forming the ultimate gated community.
There are only a few ways to reach the Canopy Section. Most people who commute to the canopy section use the monorail which require an identification card that verifies the person have a purpose to be in the Canopy Section. Additionally, there are a few executive trams as well as cargo elevators to move people and supplies between the Canopy Section and the rest of Maritropa. There are also an airport and many landing pads for flying vehicles and it is rumored that much of the ventilation systems can and have been used to reach this part of the city.
The Canopy Section has been largely immune to direct MCA conflict being out of the way and out of reach. However, even with the countermeasures and force field many worry that if the electrical field supporting the Stion fails the entire Canopy Section could fall upon the city below.

SavantTECH Headquarters

Shinara District: Located at the edge of the city the Shinara district is largely abandoned and rarely patrolled. Located within this area of the city is a large water and air treatment plant which is mostly used as a backup for the rest of Maritropa. This gives the stragglers free power and other utilities drawing them here. Both the CMC and the UCA attempt of keep any urban combat within the city contained to areas such as this to minimize the civilian death toll. As results the buildings are pot marked with gun fire and explosions. Surprisingly, the streets are mostly passable other than large debris that can block the way. Most of the buildings here also have maintained their structural integrity despite years of mecha abuse.

MEV Depot 17: A still active depot used by the CMC. A fairly typically MEV repair and store house this Depot is located under much of the city and has the capacity to hold over 100 MEVs or MCAs though the depot has no weapon fitting bays or armory. The depot has a larger than typical communication array allowing it to maintain contact with ships in high orbit as well as half the planet’s surface. The Depot also allows access to the underground thermal wind generators.

Slums: Located within viewing distance of the Canopy Section from above the slums, this place is where many of Martropia’s poor and other cities refugees head to eek out a living.
The slums exist in the shadows of the tall buildings and in the narrow trash and debris filled streets. Danger exists at all times here and doubles during the power down cycle with the many street and motorcycle gangs and street toughs.

Night Club Mecca: This was one of the most popular night clubs in Maritropa before the war. Styled in Earth’s North African architecture of a boxy rooms of while adobe with curtains of a rich blue, violet, and orange silks with furniture of dark wood and brass. The club is still active but has not seen the numbers of patrons it once had. The basic layout is a two level building or about 200 square meters. It is located not far from the train station on one of the main streets of the city.

Train Station: The main station connects all of the many monorail tracks allowing a traveler to travel anywhere in the city provide that they have proper authority to be there or the section of the city they wish to go to isn’t on lockdown from a MCA battle.

Venus District:

Maritropa DMV Building

MEV Dock 12

CMC Headquarters: Located near the center of the city the Headquarters of the Cronian Mining Consortium is actually the old Shogo terrestrial building. A monument of glass and steel That stands with the rest of the tall buildings of downtown Maritropa its architecture is subtle on the outside but sharp and sleek in late 20th century neo-Japanese décor and design inside of stainless steel and crimson. Bamboo and Asian Pines fill the lobbies and halls.

Airship dock:


Outside the Cities are a few feature worth mentioning.

Geologic Station Lota-33:

Fallen Barracks:

Cothineal’s Chamber:

UCA Command Ship, The Leviathan
This star ship maintains vigilance in high orbit above Cronus. The 2 kilometer long ship is heavily armed including a devastatingly power Kato powered cannon called the Yamoto Gun. This cannon is capable of leveling several city blocks.
Command Deck:
Ready Room:
MCA Repair Bay:
Crew Quarters: Row upon row of cramped single room quarters for the Leviathan’s crew. Enlisted are often placed two to four per room which consists of a bunk and wall locker for each, a small desk, and sink and mirror. Bathrooms of a toilet and shower are shared between to ajoining quarters. Officers are given their own quarters.

Red Claw Bar: This is the favorite spot for off-duty UCA troops to relax and socialize. The bartenders are under strict orders not to serve anyone currently on duty. They even run a duty check before serving any drink. While in the Red Claw, UCA members are treated to a fantasitic space scape as the the ship orbits the yellow-orange planet of Cronus.


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