Character Archetypes

AMBED Soldier
The fallen have developed a process they perform all the elite of their soldiers. This process created by the Advanced Mechanical Biological Engineering Division or AMBED is basically a controlled over exposure of Kato to the human body. The results create a stronger, faster, tougher troop more capable than a normal human. The process is not without some drawbacks. The subject ages at twice the rate as normal a typically becomes physically altered (at best a radical change of hair color), and tends to develop various mental insanities.
Recommended: Strength, Vigor, Arcane Background: AMBED, Fighting, Shooting, Berserk, Brawler, Dodge, Frenzy

Business Executive
In the game of Shogo, many countries have given way to mega-corporations. As such, executives have become the new politicians and diplomats of the galaxy. While they often have more knowledge of the big picture than most, their view is purposely skewed to their agenda handed to them by their bosses. This creates a lot of misinformation keep these executives where they are at until they are permitted to move up.
Recommended: Spirit, Intimidation, Knowledge: Business, Persuasion, Taunt, Business Executive,Rich, Connections, Strong Willed

Command and Control Officer
Without proper coordination of troops and intelligence no armed force can hope to defeat their opponent. Command & Control Officers lead their forces from a command post often far from the front lines. They have the overall picture in mind and can raise the ire of ground troops with their cold decisions.
Recommendations: Smarts, Knowledge: Battle, Knowledge: Computer, Notice, Awareness, Command, Scholar

Corporate Spy/Assassin
Megacorporations are in constant competition even among allies. Each employ highly skilled and paid people to conduct espionage on each other. Some corps are so underhanded as to place a hit on other company men to eliminate the competition.
Recommendations: Agily, Spirit, Climb, Lockpicking, Notice, Persuasion, Stealth, Assassin, Thief

Cybergirls are completely or nearly completely cybernetically enhanced humans. Due to the intense medical processes the body must endure and the required XX chromosomes for the body to accept such a sweeping change, only females can under go this level of augmentation. At present, only Shogo Industries is the only know company that can manufacture cybergirls despite Andra’s typically superior biomechanics technology. The process is so secretive that no ones anything about how the process is done including how the girls are even selected.
Recommendations: Agility, Vigor, Knowledge: Computer, Repair, Arcane Background: Cybergirl, Attractive, Power Points

Most detectives either work for a local police force under the CMC or as corporate security in the UCA although private investigators are not that uncommon. They often have high Mind and Soul Stats with variable Body Stat from detective to detective. They mostly keep to own neighborhood area of at most a city where they have a number of contacts and connections.
Recommendations: Smarts, Spirit, Investigation, Notice, Streetwise, Investigator

Engineers and Mechanics are the designers of new and exciting military equipment on Cronus. They are always attempting to push the technological limit on what they can get out of their designs. The all have a high Mind Stat and the other two are anyone’s guess.
Recommendations: Smarts, Knowledge: Computer, Knowledge: Science and Engineering, Repair, Arcane Background: Inventor, Mr. Fix-it

They are the foot soldiers of the criminal world. From dangerous cybernetically enhanced punks, to wiley con men, or cunning assassins they work for a criminal syndicate some times incredibly powerful in the case of the Yakuza or Russian Mafia.
Recommendations: Strength, Vigor, Fighting, Intimidation, Shooting, Bruiser, Connections

Infantry Trooper
Not everyone is a MCA pilot on the ground in the war on Cronus. Most soldiers are men and women armed with an assault rifle and bravery. Armed with the proper heavy weapons and good vantage to take the shot, even a single trooper can bring down an mighty MCA.
Recommendations: Agility, Vigor, Fighting, Shooting, Survival, Giant Killer, Rock and Roll

Martial Artist
There are those that have perfected their bodies to becoming weapons. On Cronus these people are in high demand as bodyguards or mercenaries.
Recommendations: Agility, Strength, Fighting, Stealth, Throwing, Acrobat, Martial Artist, Trademark Weapon

MCA Pilot
These are the heroes and villain in the war waged on Cronus. They pilot 10 meter tall robots armed with a variety of weapons. These pilots are capable of accomplishing a wide range of missions with their Mobile Combat Armor.
Recommendations: Agility, Smarts, Knowledge: Computer, MCA Fighting, MCA Piloting, MCA Shooting, Notice, Repair, MCA Ace, Marksman
Player notes: MCA pilots run the gambit of personalities and hail from any part of society at this point of the war. Veteran pilots tended to be very good soldiers who follow order exactly. The younger pilots tend to be more rebellious and creative in the manner they accomplish their mission though they have a harder time working together as team compare to contemporaries. Because this archetype will likely be the entire starring cast, there are few roles that the player could consider when generating his/her character.
Commando: They excel at breaking or infiltrating behind enemy lines and accomplishing the mission on foot.
Duelist: These pilots are often flashing bravados that are crazy enough to choose melee combat over more traditional ranged.
Heavy Weapons: They tend to be tough guys and girls who like the bulky but powerful weapons that fit their had-hitting and direct fighting style.
Interceptor: They are tasked with first contact with enemy to set the battle field on their squad’s terms. They are independent sorts capable of holding their own without support.
Point Man: They typically are a jack of all trades type needed to be ready at all times and able to support the other roles quickly.
Recon/Sniper: Often quite and confident they serve and sneakiest and often most observant pilot in a squad.
Squad Leader: They focus in leadership and tactics and often are either the most veteran or most talented of their squad, although those with natural leadership often rise to the challenge.
Utility/Support: The fill the cracks between the other roles with number function such as repair and scientific/technical expertise.

On Cronus, not everything is about war and combat. There is still much to learn about he planet, and more importantly Kato. It still unknown why this substance only exists here. Men and women hired my the Mega-Corporations or independently are attempting to unlock its secrets.
Recommendations: Smarts, Investigation, Knowledge: Science & Engineering, Notice, Jack-of-all-Trades, McGyver, Scholar

There is an entire world unknown to most on the Grid in the digital world of computers. Spikers are computer hackers and programmers that create and exploit the grid to its full effect.
Import Skills for spikers are: Computers, Notice, Research for spiking and Know: Science for writing own programs and Repair for building/fixing own computers
Recommendations: Smarts, Knowledge: Computers, Lockpicking, Repair, Spiker

Street Racer
In the midst of the conflict between the UCA and the CMC, smaller gang wars rage on in the streets of Cronus’s cities. Most gangs are highly mobile with highly modified cars and motorcycles to flee both law enforcement and MCA battles that spill over into their neighborhoods.
Recommendations: Agility, Driving, Notice, Repair, Ace, Alertness, Steady Hands

Syndicate Member
These are the low level leaders within the various criminal organizations found on Cronus. The major syndicates are the Yakuza and the Russian Mafia. They fight over the war torn scraps left by the UCA and the CMC. Often they use the lesser gangs as their pawns.
Recommendations: Agility, Spirit, Intimidation, Shooting, Streewise, No Mercy, Strong Willed

Vehicle Operator
Not everyone in the Cronian War is a MCA pilot. The war on Cronus is fought from deep under the surface with heavy armored tanks to the upper atmosphere where fast moving fighters zoom across the sky.
Recommendations: Agility, Driving, Notice, Piloting, Repair, Shooting, Ace, Alertness, Trademark Vehicle

Character Archetypes

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