Bishop, Bazooka Joe

MCA Pilot: Heavy Weapons


Rank: Seasoned XP: 25
Agility: d6 Smarts: d6 Spirit: d8 Strength: d6 Vigor: d8
Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 8(1) Charisma: -2

Dependent (Major): single father of young child, Branded (Minor): Former CMC
Short Tempered (Minor): -2 to resist taunts

Brawny, Cybernetics, Nerves of Steel, Combat Reflexes

Fighting d6, Intimidation d4, Knowledge: Computers d4, MCA fighting d6, MCA Piloting d6, MCA Shooting d6, Repair d4, Shooting d6,

Personal Gear:
Vollmer 357M Revolver (Range: 12/24/48 Damage: 2d8 RoF: 1 Capacity: 6 Notes: AP 1, Str d6/d8 one handed), 2 spare cylinders, Vollmer GA-14 CAW shotgun (Range: 12/24/48 Damage: 1-3d6 RoF: 1-2 Capacity: 8 Notes: Shooting +2, Lose 1d6/range, +1d6 Point Blank, See Savage Worlds rules), 14 shells, Trauma Pack MK1 LV1 x3, Multi-tool, Andra XHF Comm Radio, Reinforced Leather Jacket (Armor 1, Torso, Arms)


He was a hero for the CMC in early days of the rebellion, but after being betrayed and cutoff from the rest of his squad and left for dead where he lost more of his left arm. Originally, he lost his hand in the cave-ins in Abernackus. He has since changed sides and joined the UCASF MCA forces. He refuses to change uniforms however and is constantly found in the brig for his rough and tumble attitude.

Appearance: He is rough looking guy who is slightly bulkier and hairier than most men. His thick brown hair is combed back and he wears thick mutton chop sideburns. He still wears a sleeve-less CMCAF uniform to reveal his archaic cybernetic left arm.

Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Height: 1.7 m Weight: 90kg Age: 25

Bishop, Bazooka Joe

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