Plot Point Campaigns

Provided here are a number of different Plot Point Campaigns for Shogo: Mobile Combat Armor.

The Secret of Kato
The player characters are a team of MCA Pilot Rookies under the command of Lieutenant Commander Sanjuro Makabe. On the player character’s last training mission, they receive word to a surprise attack and Commander Makabe.

The Legacy of the Fallen
The player characters are Fallen zealots who among the first to be honored with Operation Bicycle. They are AMBED soldiers fighting to remove humanity from Coth.

Cowboy Mercs of the CMC
The players are a team of MCA mercenaries who have hired on with the Cronian Mining Consortium. They have to keep themselves alive and accomplish the mission all the while staying under budget if they hope to have enough left over to eat.

Spikerpunks and Suits That Pay Them
The player characters are a shadowy team of assassins, mercenaries, spies, and spikers who make piles of credits by high-tech cat burglary of megacorporations. Sure it is a dangerous life, but other than corp excuts, few make the kind of profit this does.

Martropia Street Motors
Sure there’s war happening, but those armies and megacorporations never cared about the people on the street before the war and they sure as hell don’t care now. The players characters are a motorcycle or street gang just trying to survive in a battlefield and maybe carve out a little safety and security for them and their families.

Plot Point Campaigns

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