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Player’s Section

Terms and Definitions
A list of all the various jargon and acronyms for Shogo.

The world history for Shogo. Mostly centered around Cronus and the events that led to the Cronian War.

Facts and notable locations on Cronus, the planet that Shogo takes place on.

The megacorporations, military forces, and criminal syndicates found in Shogo.

Character Archetypes
Various character concepts for the players to get an idea what to expect in Shogo.

Setting Rules
New Rules specific for Shogo. They include new skills, common Knowledge skills, and Mecha operation considerations.

New Hindrances and Edges
Setting specific Edges and Hindrances for Shogo.

Building a custom MCA
Rules for how Mecha are built in Shogo including rules for building a completely custom MCA.

Rules for adding cybernetics into Shogo. Does not include cybergirl tech.

Game Master Section

Plot Point Campaigns
Different campaigns based on what type game (Mech, Cyberpunk, Crime) is being played.

Antagonists and Extras
A list of opponents and allies for to use in Shogo.

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