Tag: Andra


  • Andra 5

    The Andra 5 is one of the oldest standard combat MCA in wide use due to its inexpensive production cost and cheap maintenance. This MCA forms the bulk of the Cronian Mining Consortium MCA forces and is often the first MCA a pilot operates during training.

  • Andra 10

    A step up from the Andra 5, this MCA is more durable and provides better protection for its pilot than the earlier Andra 5 model.

  • Andra MOD-3 MP Multi-Rocket Launcher

    *Ammunition:* MOD-3 rocket propelled grenades *Feed:* 3 salvo capacity *Weight:* 7.43kg *Length:* 1211mm The rocket launcher fires salvos of three "drunken missiles" (they swerve around) that reduce anything in its path into a cloud of blood and …

  • Andra 25 Predator

    Andra's ultimate MCA is perfectly suited to combat missions. Combining tough armor with an intimidating design, the Predator is an incomparable war machine. Unfortunately, strength comes at the cost of speed and versatility. Extremely powerful body …

  • Andra Ruin 150

    This is the workhorse of the CMC ground vehicle forces. They are fairly cheap, durable, and effective even able to hold their ground against MCAs. There twin weapon mount design allows the ruin tank some flexibility on armament though not nearly as much …