Vollmer VK-75 Laser Cannon

MCA Weapon

weapon (ranged)

Range (M"): 24/24/48
Damage: 4d12
RoF: 1
Cost: 2 Equip Points
Weight: 1 Weapon Mount
Capacity: 30
Ammo: Energy Pack
Notes: Heavy Weapon, AP 4


Weight: 312kg
Length: 2.7m

A fairly new weapon, The Vollmer is lighter and cheaper force field penetrating rifle for MCAs. Many pilots swear by this rifle saying it is more accurate than any pulse or slug rife though this largely thought to be due to the slow charge time between shots that force the pilot to aim their shots carefully or be defenseless. Fires a focused particle beam with high penetration and accuracy. Developed primarily for anti-armor applications.

Vollmer VK-75 Laser Cannon

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