Vollmer VK-12 Combat Shotgun 12g


weapon (ranged)

Range: 212/24/48
Damage: 1-3d6
RoF: 1
Cost: 450 Credits
Weight: 9
Capacity: 6
Ammo: 12gauge shot/slugs
Notes: Shooting +2, Lose 1d6/range, +1d6 Point Blank, See Savage Worlds rules


Ammunition: 12-gauge cartridge
Feed: six-round tubular magazine
Weight: 3.9kg
Length: 735mm

This shot gun fires an improved 12-gauge cartridge to provide high hit probability at very short ranges. The combat shotgun packs a nasty punch and is great in close quarters if you want to put someone or something down in one shot. At point blank range, this weapon does double damage.

Vollmer VK-12 Combat Shotgun 12g

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