Sumak RPL Sub-Machinegun 9mm

Sub-Machine Gun

weapon (ranged)

Damage: 2d6
RoF: 3
Cost: 300 credits
Weight: 10
Ammo Capacity: 50
Ammo: 9mm
Notes: AP 1, auto


Ammunition: 9mm AP cartridge
Feed: 50-round magazine
Weight: 2.92kg
Length: 548mm
Because of its high-capacity clip and sizzling rate of fire, this is the perfect weapon for the accuracy-challenged. With 50 rounds to burn through, you can get away with a little spray and pray with this baby. It’s got low armor penetration and reduced effectiveness at range, so this is the best candidate for some run and gun tactics. Sgt. Wes Saulsberry, at the UCA small arms training, says, “The SMG is great if you can tame the beast.”

Sumak RPL Sub-Machinegun 9mm

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