Sturix 121-B Sniper Rifle

MCA Weapon

weapon (ranged)

Range (M"): 24(50)/48(100)/96(200)
Damage: 4d6/6d6
RoF: 3-round burst/1
Cost: 2 Equipment Points
Capacity: 6
Ammo: 60mm “aero” rounds
Weight: 2 Weapon Mounts
Notes: AP 4/8, Heavy Weapon, Scoped, Snapfire, combat mode/sniper mode


Ammo: 60mm (6 rounds)
Weight: 760kg
Length: 5.1m

This weapon is essentially a highly modified autocannon designed for precise long distance vehicle and heavy armor elimination. The sniper rifle is far more effective with its long range scoped, single shot mode compared to combat range three round burst mode.

Sturix 121-B Sniper Rifle

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