MT-101 Juggernaut

MCA Weapon

weapon (ranged)

Range: 30/60/120
Damage: 5d12
RoF: 1
Cost: 4 Equip Points
Weight: 2 Weapon Mounts
Capacity: 3
Ammo: * 666mm depleted uranium rounds
Heavy Weapon, AP 8, Can’t move and fire this weapon and hope to hit anything less than a large building


Weight: 760kg
Length: 5.1m

This the largest most powerful mass produced MCA personal slug thrower on the market today. With a length of 9.5 metres, the Juggernaut stands taller than some of the shorter MCA frames. Designed for mobile artillery, the weapon has also a niche as a sort of sniper cannon although MCA’s that employ this weapon often rely on support for protection. The Juggernaut sacrificed mobility, ammo, size, and security for one thing, damage.

MT-101 Juggernaut

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