Andra 10

Mobile Combat Armor


Strength: d12+8 Vigor: d12+2
Maneuverability: +0 to MCA Piloting

Pace: 30” (6M”) Acceleration: 10 (2M”) Top Speed: 50 (10M”)
Toughness: 30 (Armor 13), Heavy Armor
Top Speed: 30kph running, 50kph wheels/track

Weapon Mounts: 5 + arms
Size: +8, 10M tall, 75 tons, +4 to human-sized attackers to hit, -4 to hit human size target
Operational Time: 3 days

Wounds: Head: 1, Right Arm 1, Left Arm: 1, Torso: 3, Left Leg 2, Right leg: 2

Special Abilities:
Computer System: All MCAs have a basic computer installed (+0 to Knowledge: Computer rolls)
Features: Ejection Seat, Emergency Systems, FOF Device, Global Positioning System, Gyrocompass, Life Support, Low Light Vision, Personal Gear)
Heavy Armor: + 8 Toughness (considered Heavy Armor in term of weapon damage)
Increased Strength: Can lift a large truck (12 tons)
Sensors: Analytic Mecha radar 10km range
Speed: 30kph running speed, 50kph wheels speed cannot be used on rough terrain
Radio: All MCAs are equipped with a communication radio
Weapon Mounts: Base MCAs have 3 Weapon Mounts in addition to its arms.

Plus (Sub-Standard MCA 15/15):
Extra Capacity (Level 1; 1pt): Crew +1
Extra Operation Time (Level 2, 2pts): 2 additional day of operation
Heavy Armor (Level 5; 5pts): +5 Heavy Armor
Increased Vigor (Level 2; 4pts): +2 Vigor
Jump Jets (Level 1, 1pt): 10 meter (2M") vertical Leap
Weapon Mounts (Level 1, 1pt): +2 Weapon Mounts

Big and Noisy: MCAs have a -8 to Stealth rolls due to size.
Start-Up Time: Takes a few minutes to ready systems before use.

Personal Gear: One Kawamori A74 Pistol with 2 clips, One Level 2 space suit, and One Survival Kit


A step up from the Andra 5, this MCA is more durable and provides better protection for its pilot than the earlier Andra 5 model.

Andra 10

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