Shogo Industries Akuma Series 12

Mobile Combat Armor


Strength: d12+8 Vigor: d12
Maneuverability: +0 to MCA Piloting

Pace: 30” (6M”) Acceleration: 10 (2M”) Top Speed: 50 (10M”)
Toughness: 24 (Armor 8), Heavy Armor
Top Speed: 30kph running, 50kph wheels/track

Weapon Mounts: 3 + arms
Size: +8, 10M tall, 75 tons, +4 to human-sized attackers to hit, -4 to hit human size target
Operational Time: 1 day
Wounds: Head: 1, Right Arm 1, Left Arm: 1, Torso: 3, Left Leg 2, Right leg: 2

Special Abilities:
Features: Ejection Seat, Emergency Systems, FOF Device, Global Positioning System, Computer System, Communication radio, Gyrocompass, Night Vision, Personal Gear, Weapon Mounts X3
Heavy Armor: + 8 Toughness (considered Heavy Armor in term of weapon damage)
Increased Strength: Can lift a large truck (12 tons)
Life Support (Lv 1): Protected from toxic gases, radioactive fallout, dust, smoke, and allows the operator(s) to survive in space.
Sensors: Analytic Mecha radar 10km range
Speed: 30kph running speed, 50kph wheels speed cannot be used on rough terrain
Start-Up Time: Takes a few minutes to ready systems before use.

Personal Gear: One Kawamori A74 Pistol with 2 clips, One Level 2 space suit, and One Survival Kit*


*Satellite Up-link: Shogo Industries network provides an eye in the sky for surface combat reducing the penalty to indirect sensors of the Akuma.

The Shogo Industries Akuma Series 12 is the latest in mass produced scout/recon MCA. It posses advanced form and design with the latest in radar absorbing materials giving it the edge in detection and mobility. This speed and stealth comes at a cost of combat effectiveness and durability. This MCA is the choice of pilots who prefer to avoid direct confrontation with their opponents. Like all Shogo models, the Akuma is equipped with a satellite Uplink to the industry’s leading edge communication network giving the pilot the best view of the battlefield removing nearly all traces of the fog of war.

The ultimate in covert operations MCAs, the Shogo Akuma series 12 has a lightweight design and excellent speed. Optional radar detector makes it a must have for commuters.

Shogo Industries Akuma Series 12

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