Armacham Ordog Advance Series 7

Mobile Combat Armor


Strength: d12+8 Vigor: d12
Maneuverability: +0 to MCA Piloting

Pace: 30” (6M”) Acceleration: 15 (3M”) Top Speed: 70 (14M”)
Toughness: 24 (Armor 8), Heavy Armor
Top Speed: 30kph running, 50kph wheels/track

Weapon Mounts: 3 + arms
Size: +8, 10M tall, 75 tons, +4 to human-sized attackers to hit, -4 to hit human size target
Operational Time: 2 days
Wounds: Head: 1, Right Arm 1, Left Arm: 1, Torso: 3, Left Leg 2, Right leg: 2

Special Abilities:
Computer System: All MCAs have a basic computer installed (+0 to Knowledge: Computer rolls)
Features: Ejection Seat, Emergency Systems, FOF Device, Global Positioning System, Gyrocompass, Low Light Vision, Personal Gear)
Heavy Armor: + 8 Toughness (considered Heavy Armor in term of weapon damage)
Increased Strength: Can lift a large truck (12 tons)
Life Support (Lv 1): Protected from toxic gases, radioactive fallout, dust, smoke, and allows the operator(s) to survive in space.
Sensors: Analytic Mecha radar 10km range
Speed: 30kph running speed, 50kph wheels speed cannot be used on rough terrain
Radio: All MCAs are equipped with a communication radio
Weapon Mounts: Base MCAs have 3 Weapon Mounts in addition to its arms.

Big and Noisy: MCAs have a -8 to Stealth rolls due to size.
Start-Up Time: Takes a few minutes to ready systems before use.

Personal Gear: One Kawamori A74 Pistol with 2 clips, One Level 2 space suit, and One Survival Kit

Plus (Standard MCA 20/20 points):
Advanced Sensor Suite (Level 2, 2pts): +2 to Notice rolls
Extended Operation Time (Level 1, 1pt): additional day of operation
Extra Capacity (Level 1, 1 pt): Cockpit has second seat for co-pilot/passenger 1pt
Features (Level 1; 1pt): Redundancy System
Increased Acceleration (Level 1; 1pts): +5M" acceleration
Heavy Armor (Level 2; 2 pts): All damage reduced by 1 points
Improved Maneuverability (Level 2; 4 pts): Superior handling yields +2 to Piloting rolls
Improved Pace (level 2; 2pts): 40kph running speed
Increased Top Speed (Level 2; 2pts): +20 to Top Speed, 200kph wheel top speed
Improved Vigor (Level 1; 2 pts): +1 step Vigor
Jump Jets (Level 2, 2pts): 20m vertical leap

Personal Gear: One Kawamori A74 Pistol with 2 clips, One Level 2 space suit, and One Survival Kit


Armacham Ordog Advance Series 7 is the tried and true blend of durability, combat power, and mobility. While this workhorse doesn’t excel in anyone area, it also dose not lack in any other like its competition. Its simple design makes it an affordable unit for any mission and extended use with less than optimum maintenance.

The Armacham Ordog Advanced Series 7 MCA is a flawless balance of speed and power. It comes in a coupe and a sedan with room for baby.

Armacham Ordog Advance Series 7

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