Ludenarms MOD-4 Bullgut

MCA Weapon

weapon (ranged)

Range: Burst Template
Damage: 4d12
RoF: 1
Weight: 1 Weapon Mount
Cost: 3 Equip Points
Capacity: 12
Ammo: 105mm shells
Notes: Heavy Weapons, +2 to Shooting, Must stand still to fire


Weight: 760kg
Length: 5.1m

Considered a folly when this weapon went on the market, the Bullgut or ‘wildcat shotgun’ as it is sometimes referred fires plasma charged shards of magnesium that spiral wildly once out of the barrel. While it has only found moderate success as a suppression weapon, experts of it enjoy its ability hit normally agile MCA with devastating effect.

Ludenarms MOD-4 Bullgut

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