Armacham Milspec Data Gauntlet
This is durable data gauntlet (data gauntlet, poor) has only the essential program space required to keep costs low. Originally issued by the UCA, the data gauntlet is widely used by stragglers as it is both cheap and incredibly difficult to break.

SavantTECH Adept Data Gauntlet
This is the economical data gauntlet (data gauntlet, average) that provides the basic computing functions that the average user would need.

Shogo Industries “Mado 43” Data Gauntlet
This is the top of the line in data commercially available unmodified data gauntlets (data gauntlet, good). Running on the popular Mado operating system this gauntlet allows the best in portable and convenient computing needs. XXXXXXXXXx

SavantTECH Spellbook Data Pad
This is a tablet shaped device with a screen on side which serves as the interface as well as the screen. Like all SavantTECH equipment is primarily used by the CMC. While not it features less functions than the UCA computer software, it is far more user friendly and more affordable despite being of higher quality construction.

Black Market automatic computer spike
It is a felony to have in ones possession any black market item. Most black market items can be found in your local shopping center. The computer spike is a highly illegal item that cannot be found in any store. The spike can be made in variety of designs but commonly has the spike appearance that gives its namesake. This item allow the user to “spike” (or hack) a computer network using the level of the computer spike in place of the users own computer skill. Computer spikes range from 1 to 6 in effectiveness. These are one time use items.


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