Computer Programs


Program Size Manufacturer Notes
Alarm 1 All Alerts system to an intruder
Armor 2 Black Market Increases spiker’s Toughness for grid combat
Back Door 3 Black Market Creates a portal for easier access to a protected system
Brain Drain 3 Black Market Fatigues spiker
Castle Walls 5 Andra Passive security program
Data Acid 3 Fallen Destroys programs and systems
Data Poison 2 Black Market destroys active programs in Spiker Combat
Dazzle 1 Black Market Increase ability to run away from spiker combat
Decipher 2 Black Market Decodes other programs given time
Diagnostic 1 Armacham Performs system checks of computer network
Download 1 All Extract program from a system
Encrypter 2 Shogo Provides strong security for programs
Entertainment 1 Any Leisure Software
Evader 2 Black Market Hinders detection from tracker programs
Fake Node 1 Black Market Fools tracker programs to location of user
Hide 5 Black Market Conceals user within a system
Info Tap 1 Fallen Pulls pieces of data without being detected
Override 4 Black Market Takes control of vehicle or computer control hardware
Peek 1 Black Market Takes a brief look at data without disturbing anything
Predictor 3 Shogo Intuitive program that predicts future by percentages
Search 2 All search engine program
Speed Bump 1 Black Market Stops counter hackers briefly
Spiker Assassin 3 Shogo Program designed to attack discovered spiker
Spiker’s Weapon 1 Black Market Directly attacks counter spiking programs or other spikers
Sunder 1 Black Market Lowers Target Toughness
Tag 1 Shogo marks spiker and makes easier to follow
Total Apocalypse 1 Shogo Erases everything on computer or network
Tracker 3 Shogo traces grid user and virtual locations they have visited
Translator 1 Andra Translates text, audio, video file to another language
Watchman 5 Andra Active program to prevent spiking


While this program doesn’t make it any easier to get into a system initially, it does make it easier to navigate through a computer network after a spiker has infiltrated and had a chance to install it. This allows the spiker to enter and exit a computer network without additional Computers roll.

Castle Walls
This program places a barrier around a network to ward off any unauthorized users from gaining access to the computer network. Anytime a Spiker wishes to break into a network protected by Castle Walls they have a -2 to their Computer roll on the Entrance Phase. The Castle Walls program does not detect intrusions to the spiked computer only resists the entrance.

Data Acid
Some spikers enter networks not to take control of systems or collect data, but simply to cause havoc and corrupt information files. The Data Acid program allows them to do it with ease. To use Data Acid the spiker makes a Computer roll. Every success and raise destroys 10% of a corporate network, 20% of a personal network, or 50% of an individual system that is already spiked.

This program allows the user to decode an encrypted program. The Decipher programs can be used decode an encrypted program one level higher than the level of Decipher but must get a raise off the Encrytper’s level of programming. See Encrypter for levels and target numbers.

This program makes an active sweep of a computer or computer network to detect irregularities.

This program incodes programs that the user must either have the password, a powerful Decipher program and time, or a skilled spiker to access. Encrypter programs are written with level of complexities of encoding.

Level Cost TN
1 2000 4
2 8000 6
3 12000 8
4 16000 10
5 34000 12

This can be anything from music, to videos, movies, and even video games.

Spikers sometimes require antomidony to get stay ahead of the corporate computer security. The Evader program assists with this. Anyone attempting to track a spiker using Evader makes Computer rolls at a -2.

Fake Node
This program creates a false trail for anyone attempting to discover the location of a spiker. Anyone who makes a successful Computer roll to locate a spiker using this program finds the node instead of the spiker. This program is particularly frustrating when used in conjunction with Evader.

This program is like a night watchman in a computer network. It wanders throughout the system in an attempt to find any unauthorized users. Any time a spiker is in a system with Watchman active roll a d6. On a result of a 1 the Watchman is in the same location as the spiker. The Watchman has the following skills: Computer d6, Notice d6 Parry: 5, Damage: d6

Grid Search
This Program

This Program allows the spiker to remain in a network without revealing their presence. Spiker cannot continue any active programs other than Hide with out taking a –X penalty where X is the Size of the running program(s). To locate the spiker using Hide, the opponent must make a Notice roll TN 8 to detect him.

Computer Programs

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