Armacham Type-7 Particle Weapon

Heavy Weapon

weapon (ranged)

Range: 30/60/120
Damage: 4d8
RoF: 1
Cost: Military
Weight: 10
Capacity: 10
Ammo: Plasma Pack
Notes: Heavy Weapon, Scope, Sanpfire


Ammunition: Plasma Pack
Feed: 10 shot battery
Weight: 5.43kg
Length: 891mm

This plasma weapon is absolutely devastating from afar, but it comes with a serious movement penalty. It’s a “one shot, one kill” affair against an unarmored opponent, with a slow rate of fire and a digital scope. In the hands of a skilled player, a plasma weapon can also be a deadly option for close combat against single opponents.

Armacham Type-7 Particle Weapon

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