Armacham 10mm HV Penetrator (Nail Gun)

weapon (ranged)

Range: 24/48/96
Damage: 2d8+1
RoF: 2
Cost: Miltary Only
Weight: 11
Capacity: 12
Ammo: 22mm ‘nails’
Notes: AP 10


Ammunition: 22mm ‘nails’
Feed: 12-round magazine
Weight: 4.76kg
Length: 885mm

When blowing opponents into a bloody mess just isn’t enough, grab a nail gun, blast a guy and watch him dangle from the nail that you have just driven through his forehead. The Nail Gun has a slightly lower rate of fire than most assault rifles and half the clip capacity, but it makes up for its shortcomings with pure nail-driven power.

Armacham 10mm HV Penetrator (Nail Gun)

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