Andra Ruin 150


Acceleration: 5 (1 M")
Top Speed: 25 (5 M")
Toughness: 20(4) Heavy Armor
Crew: 4
Cost: Military
Notes: Stabilizer, Trackled
Weapons Load-out #1: Dual Auto-cannons; Range (M’): 12/24/48, Damage: 3d6 (HW)
Weapons Load-out #2: Dual Light Rocket Pods;


This is the workhorse of the CMC ground vehicle forces. They are fairly cheap, durable, and effective even able to hold their ground against MCAs. There twin weapon mount design allows the ruin tank some flexibility on armament though not nearly as much as any MCA or modified MEV. These are weapons attached to the tank and cannot be used as MCA weapons (with a modification) although ammo can salvaged. They are typically equipped with auto-cannons although rocket pods are also a common armament.

Andra Ruin 150

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