Andra MOD-3 MP Multi-Rocket Launcher

weapon (ranged)

Range: 24/48/96
Damage: 3d8
RoF: 1
Cost: Military
Weight: 15
Capacity: 24
Ammo: MOD-3 rocket propelled grenades
Notes: Heavy Weapon, AP 4, Medium Burst Template


Ammunition: MOD-3 rocket propelled grenades
Feed: 3 salvo capacity
Weight: 7.43kg
Length: 1211mm

The rocket launcher fires salvos of three “drunken missiles” (they swerve around) that reduce anything in its path into a cloud of blood and debris. Good times when you are on the firing end, but be careful with this guy in confined spaces: fire it at close range, and more likely than not, you won’t be around to enjoy the carnage.

Andra MOD-3 MP Multi-Rocket Launcher

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division Clash957