Aegis AT-S4 Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle

weapon (ranged)

Range: 24/48/96
Damage: 2d6+1
RoF: 3
Cost: 400 Credits
Weight: 10
Capacity: 30
Ammo: 4.73mm
Notes: AP 2, auto, grenade launcher


Ammunition: 4.73mm AP cartridge, HEDP implosion grenades, and “Wump” K12 flash grenades
Feed: 30-round magazine
Weight: 4.52kg
Length: 785mm

This is a simple, compact, lightweight assault weapon that, because of its bullpup design, doesn’t compromise accuracy. It also provides infantry with the heavy firepower of a multipurpose grenade launcher. The AT-S4 uses a 4.73 AP alloy-core cartridge that offers good penetration, high explosive dual purpose (HEDP) implosion grenades, and timed “Wump” K12 flash grenades.

Aegis AT-S4 Assault Rifle

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